The Legality Of Medical Marijuana

There have been a lot of controversies behind the use of marijuana for medical purposes. When we talk about medical marijuana, we mean the use of the raw plant that is taken for treatment purpose. The use of marijuana is not legal in the United States for medicinal purposes although there are many known benefits of the same. The plant extract that is used for treating diseases and symptoms is not approved or recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Scientists are conducting researches to find out the several benefits of the wonder plant so that the FDA can be convinced that it is completely safe for human use. There are many states in the United States that have legalized the use of medical marijuana owing to its benefits.

The FDA has not yet given approval for the use of marijuana for medicinal reasons; however, there are two medications that are approved by the FDA that contain cannabinoids which is extracted from cannabis (as marijuana is also known). The increase in the number of researches carried on by scientists and medical researchers gives hope to many people. Several people are hopeful that there will be more medications containing cannabinoids that will be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration so that the suffering patients get relief from their poor health state.

There are several benefits of medical marijuana, so we see that there are innumerable people that want to use the same for getting relief from their medical problems. The legalization of cannabis in several states of the US gives hope to people from other states where it is not legal yet. The attitude of the state authorities seem to be changing, so we can see in the near future that there are more states that are passing the order for legalizing marijuana in their state. Some of the twenty eight states where the use of cannabis is legal are Arizona, Colorado, Florida, New York, Washington, Ohio, Nevada, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania.

You must know that although some of the states have legalized medical marijuana, there are some state laws that must be conformed to in order to use, possess, cultivate and recommend the same. The law states that one must have a written recommendation from the doctor that says that the patient is in dire need of cannabis for his symptoms. The approval will be given only if the patient is going to benefit from the use of marijuana which cannot be attained by any other means. The patient may require carrying an identification card to ensure that he is not arrested for illegal possession of marijuana. Thus, there is a marijuana ID card that must be available with the person so that he can be safe from legal troubles.

There are several benefits of medical marijuana that you may be aware of but there are also many that you may not know. Following are some health benefits of cannabis that you might have never heard of. They are as follows:

Treats Glaucoma – When a person is suffering from glaucoma, he risks losing his vision by the damage of the optic nerves of the eyes. The disease creates pressure in the eyes as a result of which the patient may suffer from permanent loss of his vision. The use of marijuana reduces the pressure created in the eyes so that the patient decreases the chances of losing his eyesight due to glaucoma.

Protects Lungs – If a person has been a heavy smoker for many years and wants to change his lifestyle, marijuana can be of great help. The tobacco used in cigarettes has carcinogenic effects which damages the lungs. If a person has already damaged his lungs to an extent and wants to reverse the damage that has already been caused, he should try medical marijuana and notice the wonderful effect of the same.

Protects Brain – If a person has suffered a stroke, it is very likely that he will suffer a stroke again and may damage his brain. The use of marijuana for medical purpose helps to protect the brain from damage so that the stroke patient does not risk losing the sanity of his mind.

There are several other benefits of medical marijuana that urge researchers and health enthusiasts to ask the FDA to legalize the use of marijuana for medical use. There is a ray of hope for many with the increased number of positive results that shows the marijuana is safe and healthy for human use.