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The California Medical Board was created with the goal of providing exceptional care and top of the line patient relief for chronic pain sufferers in California and throughout the rest of the country.  While our main focuses are definitely in California, we have also taken a great deal of interest in the federal status of marijuana as a schedule 1 drug, and we feel that it is extremely critical that this is overturned immediately.  The medical benefits of marijuana are clearer than ever, and we have definitely witnessed the powerful effects of this drug first hand with a chronic pain patient within our family that has been dealing with some struggles lately.  The medical marijuana has definitely helped lift some of the pain and depression that come along with living a life that is extremely debilitating due to consistent muscle spasms and other associated disorders that prevent the homeowner from living a happy, productive lifestyle.

Please feel free to contact us using the information below and one of our highly trained medical cannabis professionals will get back in touch with you to supply you with the right type of information that you are looking for.

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